Souls in Control: Wellness, Development and Coaching Practitioner.

   Elevating You energetically to transform whatever you desire, via Alternative Thinking, Moving, and Feeling.

Helping You to Heal From Within!


As a result of the Coaching that I provide, my Clients experience clarity, transformation, expansion and acceleration in various areas of their lives.

I want to help individuals who are interested in finding a balance, so that they may transform with confidence, wisdom, self-awareness, financial acumen and peace of mind!

Is that You?

Transformation, Healing & Self-Awareness


I provide You with tools to become aware, and to help You to achieve more balance across the 4 elements of Your being (Mental Self, Physical Self, Spiritual Self, and Emotional Self).

You will discover why you remain stuck where You are, and evolve to being where You desire as we take a journey to heal the areas of your life You aspire to.  

Together we will resolve Your personal issues, focus on Your self-development, or any area of Your life you feel inspired to transform.  Your breakthroughs will enable You to achieve a sense of purpose, and overall wellness.

Appointment Bookings can be online or in person. Location may vary depending on services rendered. Please Contact Me for details.

Holistic Wellness Services

Mental Wellness

A variety of one-on-one Personal Coaching services are available to support you on your journey to grow, evolve and heal.

Physical Wellness

Remedial Therapy Yoga classes. This Japanese method of Therapy Yoga looks at you in your entirety. It can help with stress related issues, strength & rehabilitation training as well as Pre & Post Natal needs (amongst other things).

Spiritual Wellness

I use Reiki, Crystal Dreaming  and Mindfulness practices such as Meditation, awareness to enhance and elevate the well-being of your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Group Sessions

Group Meditation and Japanese Remedial Therapy Yoga classes are available for you to engage with a like-minded community for growth and healing.

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Client Experiences

Spiritual Coaching

I have known Cherine Haynes for the past four years.

She is an exceptional lady!

Cherine is a devoted, very caring,  wonderful, gifted, inspirational spiritual educator and spiritual healer.

Lisa Ohtaras ~ Spiritual Healer & Soul Doctor

Lisa's Full Testimonial

I have known Cherine Haynes for the past two and half years.

She is an exceptional lady!

Cherine is a devoted, very caring, wonderful, gifted, inspirational spiritual educator and spiritual healer.

Cherine’s conscious living aligned with her truth, integrity, authenticity, kindness, generosity and compassion are some of her beautiful endearing qualities.

A beautiful wise soul, Cherine guides and assists people navigate their way through the intricate maize of life lessons and growth opportunities.

I am very grateful to Cherine for her invaluable intuitive guidance and assistance, whilst I have been navigating my way through my soul’s lessons and spiritual growth.

Thank you Cherine! You are greatly appreciated!

You are a magnificent blessing to Planet Earth.

With love & light,

Lisa Ohtaras

Life Coaching

I cannot begin to thank Cherine enough for the amazing life lessons she has taught me.

Leya Mgeni

Leya's Full Testimonial

I cannot begin to thank Cherine enough for the amazing life lessons she has taught me.

I made contact with Cherine after I contacted her through a platform we are both a part of. At first, we chatted through messenger and she provided her number but i  was hesitant to contact her. But after a month of being stressed and anxious, I decided to pickup the phone and call her while driving home from work.

Here I was wanting a quick fix for what i was facing but she had more in store for me. I wanted to hear that they were wrong and I was right and before I realised it she began to go deeper and challenged me to implement a strategy to deal with the issues as they arose by learning to transfer my energy. I was like this is gibberish. When i hung up the phone, I was a hot mess (my head was pounding, i felt angry and tears were streaming down my face) because she made me ask myself some difficult and confronting questions which i hadnt given much thought to.

As I was in such a confused mental state after our coversation,I decided to go for a walk to clear my head and wrap my mind around this energies thing.

I then made the conscious effort to follow through and told her i was committed to the process. She promised me that if i gave myself time to diligently do i, i would make progress. Did i think i would do it, absolutely not but I had to find out for myself, if this could change my life journey and ease my burdens then why not. I followed each step diligently and started seeing changes. I then reported my gains back to Cherine by calling her as I now regarded her as my accountability partner.

Fast forward about a month later, the energy that i exude is very different to what I was. I am a changed woman simply because of Cherine. I am confident, smile more, more present for my children, husband and friends and I am so optimistic about life.

She has given me strategies that i can apply in every dimension of my life and for that I will be forever grateful she came into my life. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with anything to work with her. She is phenomenal!!! Forever grateful

What I can add is:

Cherine has taught me that this is not a lesson for just myself, I am teaching my children to implement the same strategies. I want to equip my children with life skills so that they’ll be better members of society when they grow up.

Her teachings are fundamental and necessary for the soul.

My work with her is far from over and I know that she will help me be a better, smarter and stronger woman who will able to serve others and be a blessing!

She is good at what she does and listens. The amount of times I have called her for reassurance and she never hesitated is a true testament to her caring soul.

Spiritual Healing

Cherine is amazing!!! I highly recommend her.  When I was feeling a little off balance with the stress of the world, Cherine did energetic healing and I felt so good after!

S. McCabe

All testimonials on the Souls in Control Website are the words expressed by Clients. Names have been abbreviated to respect the privacy of Clients where requested. No fees were paid for any testimonial provided to Souls in Control.

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