Holistic Coaching Services

My holistic coaching services cater to your specific needs.  I work with you to transform any area of your life that you desire.


Executive Coaching:

Business owners and Senior management – we work to evolve and develop Your niche so that You confidently become a successful Executive in Your field.

We will turn your Challenges into Championships by developing your leadership skills, and ability to step into your greatness!

Life Coaching:

With my guidance, You can positively transform disempowering life situations that no longer serve You. I provide You with tools so You can gain the confidence to excel in Your chosen career path or other areas of personal growth.  Every situation has a solution!

Relationship Coaching:

You will gain a better understanding of Your default way of relating to others.  Then learn how to use this to keep, nurture and develop meaningful relationships. 

You will also receive knowledge on ways to successfully connect with different people and develop skills to maintain loving and sustainable relationships with Parents, Partners, Children, Friends and Peers. 

I can also support you through the process or effects of uncoupling, to find strength and empowerment.

Teen Mentoring

I educate Teens so that they can foster confidence and a sense of pride in self.  They will be equipped with self-love routines, coping mechanisms, and information on how to connect with others.

I also have processes to work with them to develop general life skills. This includes; building resilience and self-awareness, to manage the pitfalls that may come with the teenage experience (such as bullying, identity, body changes, and school life).

Forgiveness Coaching

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you ~ Lewis B. Smedes

We have all experienced distress in our lives to varying degrees. Using Radical Forgiveness and other methodologies, I guide you on your journey to transcend past traumas and dysfunctions.

We will engage in healing processes that tap into and unblock your pain, fears and worries that are connected to the past. You will then learn the art of letting go of the emotions that are attached to a negative experience (i.e. abandonment, childhood trauma, abuse) and feel empowered to move forward positively.

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Office Hours

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We acknowledge that we work on Cammeraygal Territory and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW. We respectfully acknowledge their continued connection to their country and culture, and that these lands have always been their places of ceremony and healing.

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